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19uhunomao wrote: Kew Gardens by Uhunoma
Yesterday Year 5 went to Kew Gardens.It was really fun. We went and learn about rainforest. Treetop walks  Kew Gardens Greenhouse  https://youtu.be/ioG_Vfh0Kxw Venus fly trap (More)
This week the composer is Bruno Mars.his real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. He was born in Hawaii (More)
Shadows are made when an object is blocking light. Shadows - Quiz 1. When is a shadow formed? a. When the light is turned off b. When the path of light is blocked by an object c. When an object falls to (More)
19uhunomao wrote: Victorian jobs. By Uhunoma
https://youtu.be/t0GWR5-uS5I This video  is going to tell you that some Victorian jobs are quite horrible. (More)
Next week Thursday Year 4 are going to a raged school Museum in London mile end. https://youtu.be/JMF6g25v0KQ https://youtu.be/FOmrCi-mh_k (More)
Year 4 are doing a independent leaning project about the Victorians. https://youtu.be/BR6ehP0Em5c What  dose it mean to be an independent learner? (More)
These are analogue and digital  clock .    https://youtu.be/E1FTDy-9fL0       (More)
19uhunomao wrote: Victorians. By Uhunoma
This are some facts about the Victorians. You can go to jail at any age Queen Victoria had nine children [sadly they all died] They made the 1st flushing toilet. They were Christian. The Victorians lived over one hu (More)
These are the 11 ,12, and 10 x table songs. https://youtu.be/JWJ-aCxQ_gw https://youtu.be/VlVJhAIruCc     https://youtu.be/kjvEHA3vYH8 (More)
19uhunomao wrote: RE week. By Uhunoma
This week is RE week. Year 4 are learning about Hinduism. This is Ganesh God of wisdom This is Vishnu. (More)